Virucidal Efficacy

VIRUS BUSTER Air Filter's virucidal properties 

inactivates 91% of the COVID 19 virus in 5 minutes and 

reaches 99.99% (total annihilation) in 30 minutes.

VIRUS BUSTER Air Filter inactivates 

virus-contaminated droplets and keeps the air we breath clean and virus-free

- Can be easily installed to the air return grille of your device using velcro tape  

- Size: 60*60 cm, 120*30 cm, 120*60 cm, roll type (60 cm*100 m) OR customized to fit your device

Filter Capabilities

Filtration Efficiency

0.3 µm ~ 10 µm (average droplet size) by 42% per pass 

Pressure Drop

2~7 Pa(100 m³/h)